There are no dues required to join the GFWG. The only monetary costs are for providing copies of your work to be critiqued.

That said, joining the GFWG does require a commitment of time. You will need to:
  • attend meetings
  • read work outside your personal preference and on your own time
  •  bring as much knowledge and encouragement to others as you hope to receive
Whether you’re looking to get published or simply write because you love to, please note that we approach critiques with the expectation that the work will be published. For many of our members, that is the goal.

Our group is for adults, and work submitted sometimes contains adult concepts and language. If you are under 18 and looking for a writing group, we recommend contacting Crandall Library about their teen programs.

Our members have different strengths and interests, but you are encouraged to submit in any genre. If there are issues or concerns with your work beyond what the majority of members can assist you with, you may be asked to stop submitting that work or that type of work and find a group that works in a similar genre or style. If it continues to be a problem, you may be asked to find another outlet for your work.

Members are also expected to give fair and supportive critiques. If you target a particular writer or frequently fail to help an author improve their work, you may be asked to find another group. We want to build up writers (including you)—not tear them down.

Some of us usually go out for drinks after meetings. New members are welcome to join us. We’d love to get to know you!

Also see the following pages:
            About GFWG
            Receiving Critiques
            Giving Critiques
            Submission Guidelines

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