Thursday, July 2, 2015

Work in Progress Update--Adam Hoffman

I am currently working on compiling haiku with aspirations of publishing a book. As of writing this I have approximately 200 rough drafts, some of which are true haiku and some simply very short poems. Along with editing I am sorting the haiku into themes like family, people, animal and nature types (trees, flowers, night, etc.).

I have always loved brief poems and the white space around them. I believe it is that space which allows the reader to take an active part in the poetry and that sort of collaboration fascinates me. The other aspect of haiku that speaks to me is finding the intersection between nature and human nature. I see that as one of the roots of our humanity.

My audience is myself. That may be narcissistic and counterproductive to selling books, but I write for me. I'm not trying to be popular or successful. Writing is my brain and soul's exercise. If others enjoy it ... beautiful. I'm happy to share.

Writing haiku comes very naturally to me. Calling it easy would be a stretch, but I don't experience the dreadful mind cramps I get while editing other forms. There are set rules (something my mind craves) and it's obvious when a haiku doesn't work. I especially love the process by which I create haiku. I simply walk around with my notebook and write about anything poignant.  

The Glens Falls Writer's Group plays a crucial part in this process. It provides and excellent measuring stick. Meeting twice a month allows me to tack my work quantitatively. As far as critiques, I am looking mostly for how much and what did the work evoke in the reader. It's also interesting to see which were received well and which fell flat, though that's often a very personal and subjective thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Trapped in the Iron Maiden--Megan Taylor

GFWG member Megan Taylor had this to say in her graduate program's blog:

"For the last year, my body's felt like it's been trapped inside its own iron maiden..."

Check out the rest here.

P.S.--Megan told us at the last meeting that she has an essay coming up in the Cactus Heart online literary magazine so we look forward to seeing that when it's out!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Works in Progress Update--Sandy Buxton

As a way to document some of the efforts of the Glens Falls Writers Group, Kay asked me to talk about my current works in progress. Traditionally, I have written small memoir pieces with a little fiction thrown in. But all have been relatively short and in need of more development (both character and story).

My current projects are ambitious by my standards.

First, the group is currently critiquing my Beginner’s Guide to Orchids. As a relatively new grower, I know it is presumptuous but I have also been the newsletter editor for our local orchid society for 5.5 years. That position has given me tremendous opportunities to interview and glean nuggets from experts from all over, both U.S. and abroad.

I hope to be able to shed some light on the mysteries of orchid growing and encourage people to successfully enjoy these wonderous plants.

The flow is one of the tough parts of this project. Everything is so intertwined – light, water, fertilizer, humidity and pests – I feel like I am repeating myself all the time. But some of that is necessary. We will see how it goes and what the group thinks.

My second project is a fiction piece – science fiction I guess. An adventure series showing some cool things about science in agriculture. Hopefully, it will be ready to review when the orchid book is complete.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

She's Back...

Hi all! It's me, Kay Hafner, aka Fearless Leader, back from extended hiatus (master's degree and other distractions!) to take the reins again as moderator/cheerleader. Thanks to Zack for keeping things going in my absence.

I'm looking forward to getting back into things andseeing what goals and challenges we can set, for the members as well as the group. Let me know what you'd like to see from the group in the future!

Also, if you haven't already Liked us on Facebook, we can be found under Glens Falls Writers Group there. (

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May 1 -- Glens Falls Writer's Group

Hey Glens Falls Writers Group peoples!
       Well, this Thursday May 1st, which means there's another meeting, 7:00 at the Crandall library. Be there.
       Annnnnd, although I won't be there, nobody volunteered to take over the prompts email. So, I'll do it this week, and also remind you: put it on the dang meeting agenda to get someone to volunteer (or decide you don't need it) for next time. Whoever is doing it, contact me and/or Kay for any help you need.
      Anyhow. Here ya go with some prompts. Enjoy!
1. A crew of air ship pirates must escape Her Magesty's Flying Navy, through deceit.
2. a parasite overtakes a new host, but instead of a full takeover however, tries to negotiate a deal for co-habitation...
3. Six people are left onboard but there's only one more parachute.
4. You walk into your house and it’s completely different–furniture, decor, all changed. And nobody’s home.
5. Describe the room you are in right now in detail. As well as visual, think of things like smells, temperature, sounds, touch, memories, etc.
6. While swimming, your protagonist goes underwater only to emerge in a completely different place from where they started
7. A man's relationship with a spirit who is in love with him. He only talks to her through a medium who is his girlfriend.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April 17 -- Glens Falls Writer's Group

Do you ever feel like life is just a cycle, a twisting void of thought and inspiration, with writing meetings stuck in it intermittently like the arrow pin cushioned Saint Sebastian?

No? Good. Neither do I.

So, we have a meeting this week. Be there or.... well, or be somewhere else, I guess. 
   As usual:   Thursday, April 17, 7:00pm, Holden Room (the big room we usually meet in)
      Annnnnd, some prompts....

1. While on vacation, a person comes face to face with the person who kidnapped their child ten years earlier.

2. At the age of 42, a doctor cures a patient with the disease that took their twin back in childhood.

3. A ten-year-old comes home from school and heads out to the backyard to play with their beloved dog. They finds the dog sitting on a branch, twenty feet up, in a big, shady tree.

4. You wake up one morning, and you're (literally) an animal. 

5. Imagine it's 100 years in the future. Write a letter to your local state representative describing what things you would like to see improved in that society.


6. Write an ode to a common household appliance.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 3 -- Glens Falls Writer's Group

Hello yon Glens Fallzian Writers of Group,
      Meeting isith this week, scoundrels!
     Thursday, 7:00, Holden Room (the big room we usually meet in)
      And despite it me being ME who is sending out the meeting newsletter, I actually HAVE prompts this week (you can bring a prompt to simply read at the beginning of the meeting for general commentary, or print it out as your full submission)

1. Find a picture and write down the words that you see, hear, smell, touch and taste from it.

2. Describe an object in your life that serves no purpose but which you can't bring yourself to part with. Tell us why it's so important to you.

3. Describe one of the ways you played when you were a child. What did you play with? Were you alone or with a friend? Where did you play?

4. Write to the prompt, "Not far down the road, there is a..."