Friday, September 3, 2010

First Thursday Review

Another good meeting of the GFWG last night, if sadly in Kay's absence. While she was having fun in Atlanta, we were hard at work in Glens Falls.

We opened with a conversation about book marketing, anchored by a great presentation from Zack. We discussed traditional and new media marketing in-depth. Instead of 30 minutes, it lasted 45, and we still didn't get to everything. Must be why entire books are written on the subject.

We critiqued pieces from Billy, Zack, Amanda and me. Mine was a surprise because I didn't realize I had submitted, and Amanda was shortchanged a bit because most people did not have copies of her story following email difficulties.

Next month we'll be reviewing work from Zack and Amanda.

Zack also announced that he will be selling Frostie the Deadman at the Chronicle Book Fair, and we reminded members to have any work they want included in our publication ready by next meeting.

That's it. Thanks to everyone who attended. Our next meeting is September 16th at 7pm. See you then!

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