Sunday, November 7, 2010

Chronicle Book Fair

The Glens Falls Writers Group had a banner day at the The Chronicle's Autumn Leaves Book Fair today. Kay, Billy, and I manned the table throughout the day, Zack had an impressive launch for his first book with Ari Publishing, and we recruited several potential members. We also had several current and former members stop by for support, among them Lee Merrett, Joe Peck, Sandy Buxton, Brian Farenell, Michelle Galo, Montana Tracy, and Katie Kuhn.

For the big news, Zack found great response for his new YA novel for girls, Half Moon Falls, and was delighted by the continued interest in his first YA novel, Frostie the Deadman. He also, from all accounts, knocked it out of the park during his presentation on how to market your work to the public.

At least three people expressed serious interest in joining our group, while two other writers questioned me on joining a splinter group, the Saratoga Children's & Young Adult Writers Group. Throughout the day we attended other presentations and workshops, and networked with other authors and writers groups, including the Joy of Writing and Eastern NY SCBWI.

Honestly, I consider this one of our best Chronicle Book Fairs yet, anchored by the successful launch of Half Moon Falls and Ari Publishing.

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Kay Hafner said...

I think it was the best Book Fair in a long time, not just for us but the whole overall vibe. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, and to John and Billy (who both arrived before me) for helping to pitch to prospective members. And I'm very excited for Zack's successful launch of Ari Publishing. He, too, pitched for us in his talk.

Got a good feeling about the coming year, folks.

Billy took a photo. I'll see if I can get it on the blog.