Wednesday, July 29, 2015

New Member Profile--Kat MacKenzie

I recently joined the group, and it's a really good mix of different writing styles and opinions.  Although while I lived in NYC I took a lot of writing workshops, I hadn't written lately. Something just keeps holding me back, which was weird, because it used to be as necessary for me as breathing. For me, joining this workshop was an attempt to tap back into that well that used to keep me writing all the time. I was the chick who wrote late into the night, who went to poetry readings, and who still reads so much that my boyfriend's nickname for me is Bookworm.

My first poem for the workshop was "Drawing Down the Moon," about a trip I made to Peru to visit a friend. It was the first time in four years that I was able to write about that friend. She broke my heart. I honestly think that she is the living embodiment of evil. But I didn't always feel that way. 

I wanted to write about what I loved about her. I wanted to write about how she hated her own name because the word meant bitter. I wanted to write about the moments where we believed we'd be friends forever and the journey that took us to where we are today. So I decided to write a chapbook--40 pages of prose poems--about that journey. I'm on page three now. The idea is to write the 40 poems through time, edit it, then workshop it to get feedback. 

I want it to show the way we love, and the risks we take by loving. 

I plan on submitting it to different contests for chapbooks that they list in Poets & Writers Magazine.

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Unknown said...

Please email me.
I need help writing my story.
Its to tramatising for me to write it.
And it's do vital I get it written.
I'm learning disabled and dont know what words to use to get my point a cross .
I would be be so thankful.and give you the credit as the writer.
My story is like one you would see on lifetime or in Dr phill show.
I need to get it out on paper or I will never heal.
Thank you.