Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Work in Progress Update--Syrl Kazlo

My current project is a “cozy” mystery novel. The working title is Kibbles and Death, A Samantha Davies Mystery. Sam is a 50ish, divorced freelance writer, who, with her dachshund, Porkchop, stumbles on the body of the not-so-lovable animal shelter owner, Calvin Cobbs. When Frank Gilbert, boyfriend of her nosy neighbor Gladys O’Malley, is accused of the murder, Sam gets involved in proving who done it. 

In this genre, all the sex and violence occur off screen or should I saw are only alluded to. Its audience is mainly women and they often contain, what I call, a lot of fluff. Sam has a love of designer purses and '50s era music.

This work is a complete departure from the children’s novels I usually write. It has been a challenge as children’s literature follows a completely different set of writing rules. But as  I  read more and more “cozy" mysteries I found myself drawn into the fun and humor so often found in them. Fleshing out my writing and adding a sense of “place” has been a challenge.

The critiques from this group are invaluable to my writing. They are my “nuggets of gold.” They help me strengthen my writing and push me to write a better piece. They keep me on my literary toes for any inconsistencies  I may have written and improve the flow of my story.  The GFWG members really care about what we write and want us to pen the best work we can. 

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