Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Thursday Preview

You don't get much more First Thursday than the first of the month. We have a full agenda this time, including discussion topics and business news.

We'll be reviewing pieces from Sandy, Cynthia, Jerri Lynn and Zack, and Joe's piece from our last get-together, if he's able to attend. A reminder that Brian will not be coming, so if you haven't read his work yet, you've gained a two-week reprieve.

Of course, Brian was to moderate our topic on overcoming an author's fears -- that is, the fear of leaving oneself fully and completely on the page. We will hold the discussion anyway, either in open forum or with a new moderator, so please bring your thoughts, and more importantly, your feelings, on the subject.

Remember, we'll be meeting in Crandall, the small room next to Holden. Other details: 7-9pm, Crandall Library, with optional social afterwards to really explore those author fears.

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Brian F said...

I hate to suggest it but we may wish to consider limiting the number of total submissions per meeting. With us meeting twice as often and getting twice as many submissions per meeting, that means four times as much critiquing... and less time for actual writing. Additionally, fewer submissions would allow readers time to do better, more detailed critiquing instead of, as it sometimes feels, churning through the assembly line.