Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 3 -- Glens Falls Writer's Group

Hello yon Glens Fallzian Writers of Group,
      Meeting isith this week, scoundrels!
     Thursday, 7:00, Holden Room (the big room we usually meet in)
      And despite it me being ME who is sending out the meeting newsletter, I actually HAVE prompts this week (you can bring a prompt to simply read at the beginning of the meeting for general commentary, or print it out as your full submission)

1. Find a picture and write down the words that you see, hear, smell, touch and taste from it.

2. Describe an object in your life that serves no purpose but which you can't bring yourself to part with. Tell us why it's so important to you.

3. Describe one of the ways you played when you were a child. What did you play with? Were you alone or with a friend? Where did you play?

4. Write to the prompt, "Not far down the road, there is a..."

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